COVID-19 Cleaning

During these uncertain times, you can rely on C&P Cleaning and Restoration for COVID-19 clean up 

How C&P Cleaning and Restoration Can Help

During these uncertain times C&P will assist you in cleaning your space with utmost care and priority. To provide a sense of safety our trained technicians are prepared to respond to biohazards like COVID-19. We are prepared to protect your employees and customers through the application of disinfectants and pre-emptive cleaning techniques.

Practicing Good Hygiene and How We Keep Our Customers Safe

At C&P, we make it our responsibility to make sure our clients feel safe. Once we arrive to the site, we will greet from a safe distance and refrain from hand shaking or elbow bumping. We practice good hygiene by washing our hands often, and using the 20 second rule. Before we enter a customer’s home we will communicate that we are healthy and ask if you are, as well.

C&P Construction and Restoration Method

Our method is simple. We make sure to follow CDC guidelines and come prepared with approved disinfectants against COVID-19 and most common viruses. Carl and his team take COVID-19 seriously and makes sure the customers and members of his team feel safe and prepared when disinfecting for the virus. 

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